New Release in Time for Summer Reading Season

What is on your summer reading list this year? We just added some potential mayhem and intrigue to it, with Mayhem in Margaux, a new adventure in the Winemaker Detective series by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen.

Reviewers concur that this is “a perfect beach book or why not in the evening on the terrace with a glass of wine.” The Winemaker Detective series by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen is a "lifestyle" mystery series made of classic wines, old winemaking families and their estates, genteel epicurean drinking and dining, fine cigars and, in this book a luxury vacation destination. Once again, this amateur detective/cozy mystery, translated by Boulder-based translator Sally Pane, whisks readers away to France for a gentle mystery, and a lot of atmosphere.

Want to catch up on the series? There's enough here to while away a few summer reading sessions, and to down a few bottles of wine - all with moderation of course.
Treachery in Bordeaux 
Grand Cru Heist 
Nightmare in Burgundy
Deadly Tasting
Cognac Conspiracies 

Summer in Bordeaux