New Book Release: Another Consortium Thriller by David Khara

In a savory mix of love, adventure and suspense, international bestselling author David Khara brings readers a new Consortium thriller. The Morgenstern Project just hit bookstores.

What if a private company, along with the military, wanted to create the perfect soldier? And to make the perfect solider, they need to perfect prosthetics, to give soldiers superhuman strength and speed. To what lengths would they go to make…a superman? The story's subtext deals with nothing less than the future of humanity as the action moves from Nazi-era eugenics to neo-Nazi 'transhumanism' (bio-chemical and bio-mechanical enhancement of otherwise healthy humans to serve specialized state/private purposes). Just what does it mean to be human? 

After a lifetime of bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, Mossad operative Eytan Morgenstern is once again battling those who wish to study his superhuman body. The self-sacrificing secret agent must rely on the help of his closest friends to finally free himself of the physical and emotional scars of his past.

The story interleaves the contemporary action with riveting back-story from World War II. The action is split into multiple time periods and settings, ranging the forests of Poland during WWII, England post war, South America, and present-day America. It has Nazis, secret societies, compelling characters and a story worth telling.

A thriller with a healthy dose of espionage, subterfuge, and history, readers say this series is for fans of Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, Steve Berry, Daniel Silva and Ian Fleming.

Praise for the series
"Fun, fast-paced thrillers."
"A must read for anyone who enjoys thrillers."
"The fight scenes are awesome."
"Riveting narrative."
"Addictive read."
"A thrill-a-minute romp."
"This is a terrific series."