Great Interview on Seize the Moment

View of Sacre Coeur in Paris

On his blog Seize the Moment, Nassem Al-Mehairi posted an interesting interview of Eric Giacometti and Jacque Ravenne, along with this picture: which is what Eric sees from his office in Paris. Here are some of the questions.

  • There is a lot of influence by Freemasons. Is this group still a major influence in the world?
  • Your gift for seamlessly weaving history and thriller together to create a better novel is commendable. When did both of your interests in history begin, and what eras are you each most interested in?
  • Your protagonist, Antoine Marcas, has been found unique in many ways, setting him apart from the average lead character. How did you develop this character, and does he embody any of your personal qualities?
  • On this blog, I have written articles on the rise of extremism in Europe, specifically in France. Shadow Ritual features this extremism, and I understand that you have both studied it throughout your career. How does this startling new trend connect back to the Nazi era, and why is this ideology resurfacing now? 
  • Shadow Ritual has a lot of historical influence in it, including the Nazi era in Europe and after. What kind of historical research did you pursue for the novel?

Go check out the interview here.