Some Interesting Facts I learned as a Translator

I was lucky enough to translate the exciting thriller Shadow Ritual by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne. Other than it being an international bestseller before it ever made it into English, and it kicking off a series with Inspector Antoine Marcas, and it being full of action and adventure and excitement, it was also an opportunity to learn a lot. 

Here are just a few things I learned about:

  • Freemason rituals and how diverse freemasonry is, along with its history
  • That there were French people who fought under the German flag in World War II
  • The Farnese Palace in Rome
  • The temple of Solomon
  • Hiram, the legendary founder of the Freemasons
  • How to get from Jerusalem to Paris, via Jordan and Amsterdam
  • Stolen Freemason archives
  • Freemason persecution during World War II
  • Medieval instruments of torture
  • Supposed connections between Freemasons and Templars
  • The esoteric, extremist Thule society and their connections to the Nazi Party
  • How long the Thales takes to get from Amsterdam to Brussels and then to Paris
  • A number of different places in Paris with Freemason allusions in the architecture
  • Napoleon's campaigns in Egypt
  • That Benjamin Franklin had been a member of the Loge des IX Soeurs in 1779
  • The land of a thousand lakes near Mésières-en-Brenne, France
  • Plaincourault Chapel
  • The Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem and the Order of Malta
  • Various hallucinogenic substances
  • CIA mind-control experiments
  • Libertine nobles and Rococo style from the final years of Louis XV's reign
  • The Lascaux cave paintings

I truly have an interesting job. :-)

Oh, and you can find out all kinds of very interesting Freemason facts here. Eric and Jacques are sharing their research and inside information. Click here to get this exclusive content.