Temple of Meat?

The latest Paris Homicide mystery takes place for the most part in the vicinity of La Villette park and museum complex in the northeastern part of the city. The complex is built on what used to be the city's central slaughterhouses. One nickname for the area gave the name to the novel: The City of Blood. But, that's only looking at the dark side. If you go by a local restaurant's take on neighborhood history, it could have been called a "temple of meat." 

Of course, this being France and all, there is a food heritage related to that time in the city's history, and the city's butchers had their favorite cuts of meat. Today, if you see entrecôte la villette on a menu, it refers to a steak with chopped shallots, fried lightly in butter (lots of butter), served up on top of the meat, with a pinch of chopped parsley, a few drops of lemon juice, salt and freshly ground pepper.

In the novel, Sirsky and his team end up at a restaurant in the neighborhood and they eat meat, of course, rare, with fluffy fried potatoes. If you happen to be in Paris, you can find the chateaubriand des bidochards and a pavé des mandataires at a restaurant called Au Boeuf Couronne, at 188 Avenue Jean Jaurès in the nineteenth arrondissement—the "Temple of Meat in Paris," according to the website.

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