Writing a Novel – Tips from a Bestselling Author – 3

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you are writing a novel? Well, for some, it is writer’s block. Here, bestselling author David Khara, whose The Bleiberg Project is now available in English, tells us his secrets to overcoming the “blank page syndrome,” as it is called in French.

Writing a novel – the challenge of writer’s block

Sometimes, you’ll sit in front of your keyboard and nothing will come. Do not panic. Try different angles of approach: describe a location, tell a character’s thought, write out an action scene or some dialogue. Basically, search for some way in. Still stuck? Do research browsing the Web. Reading can sometimes wake a writer up. If that doesn’t work, turn off the computer and go for a walk, have a drink with friends, go cycling, or whatever. DO SOMETHING ELSE. Breath, give your mind a break. Believe it or not, not writing is already writing. One of the beautiful things about inspiration is that it comes at unexpected times. Sometimes it pops out of a conversation you’ll have or hear, an unknown person you’ll cross on the street, or while doing gardening. Inspiration is everywhere, so grab it.