Anne Trager: “Bridging the cultural divide with Le French Book”

Who exactly is Anne Trager, founder of Le French Book? We know she has an irrational love for France and for mysteries and thrillers, which led her to found Le French Book. But what else do you know about her? Did you know this?
“Anne is a daughter of a linguist, thus a deep-rooted love of languages is in her DNA. Freelance work in translation and interpreting allowed her to fill some of her off-duty hours. This pull of languages was strong enough for Anne to complete a degree at the Sorbonne in Chinese language and civilization. Over time, her translation contracts for European publishers grew, as did the work in marketing and communications.”

Linguistics is only one of many of Anne's talents. In the story by Carolyne Kauser-Abbott for the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Global Living Magazine, you can learn about Anne's choice to live as an expat in France and get trained as a chef. And more!

Thank you Carolyne for a great story!

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