The Story Behind The Shiro Project

David Khara, author of the Consortium thriller series, recently shared a guest post at The Writer's Shack about writing The Shiro ProjectIt was a 56-day marathon, he said. Here's the start of the post. Do visit Rebecca's site for the rest here.

For reasons I will not explain here, I was given eight weeks to write The Shiro Project. Considering that the Consortium thriller novel split time between the present and the past, those 56 days promised to be extremely busy.

I usually write four hours a day. For The Shiro Project, I switched to eight writing hours per day, which is a lot when it comes to staying focused.

To me, being a writer is all about discipline. So, I decided to go Spartan. Every morning, I would get up at four in the morning and use the time until six to read books and watch documentaries. Then, I’d go back to sleep until 8:30. After a tough wake up, I’d drink a very strong coffee, grab my cigarettes (I know it’s a bad habit), and sit in front of my laptop for four hours. I’d grab a quick lunch, then head back to work for another four hours. Some people may be able to stay focused eight hours in a row, but I know I usually can’t, so it was absolutely exhausting, both mentally and physically.

But, in the end, it was appropriate, since the whole book is a race against the clock. I was just going through the adventure the same way Eytan and Elena did. Merging with your characters can be quite helpful....

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