The Game of Masks

David Khara shares some thoughts about his Consortium thriller series on the blog Queen of All She Reads. Here's how he starts.

“In The Bleiberg Project, I had a lot of fun introducing Eytan’s character as a threat and then let the readers realize by the middle of the book that he was the actual hero. With The Shiro Project, I wanted to write a more personal story, thus enabling the readers to learn more about Eytan—about his values, his own story, and his life nowadays when not on a mission. I love the idea that there is more to see about all of us than meets the eye. One-dimensional characters do not interest me. Maybe this comes from the fact that most people stick to what their eyes tell them, and it frightens me. I can’t talk to someone without trying to figure out what he or she is trying to hide, and why. How many easy talking people are actually shy underneath? Others look cold and distant because they are afraid somebody might spot their weaknesses.”

Why is this post called "The Game of Masks"? Do go and read the rest here to find out.