New Winemaker Detective Mystery in Bookstores

New book release: Deadly Tasting

It’s a celebration of fine wine, food and cigars, and a murder mystery all in one, set in Bordeaux. Deadly Tasting, by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen, is another installment in the Winemaker Detective mystery series, featuring ace wine expert Benjamin Cooker and his sidekick Virgile.

In this cozy mystery, a serial killer stalks Bordeaux, signing his crimes with a strange ritual: twelve glasses in a semi-circle, one more filled with each victim. To understand the wine-related symbolism, the local police call on the famous wine critic Benjamin Cooker. The investigation leads him and his assistant to the dark hours of France's history, as the plot thickens among the once-peaceful vineyards of Pomerol.

One reviewer said it reminded him of why he fell in love with mysteries in the first place, which is quite a compliment. I find that this series just gets better, like a fine wine. This one is perhaps a little darker than the earlier ones, and you learn a lot about World War II and what it meant for Bordeaux and its winemakers.