Noël Balen Shares Favorite Paris Wine Bar List

Noël Balen, who writes the Winemaker Detective series with Jean-Pierre Alaux, shares his list of favorite  Paris wine bars on the site Sweat Leisure. The post begins likes this:

Writer, musician, Epicurean

“Noël Balen grew up sure of two things: what he wanted to do with his life—music and writing books—and what he didn’t want to do—all the rest. 

He has certainly achieved his goals. 

Noël is not only a musician, music critic, director and producer, but also a well-known author. His writing career began with a whodunit, and, to date, he has written over forty novels, along with short stories, essays and biographies...

Noël lives in Paris and took a moment from his busy schedule writing books, making records and lecturing on music to unveil, for Sweet Leisure, the mysteries of finding great wine bars in his hometown. 

See the list here.