Crossing the Line

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More suspense and mystery with the Paris Homicide team.

It’s Christmas in Paris. Chief of Police Nico Sirsky returns to work after recovering from a gunshot wound. He’s in love and rearing to go. His first day back has him overseeing a jewel heist sting and taking on an odd investigation. Dental students discovered a message in the tooth of a severed head. Is it a sick joke? Sirsky and his team of crack homicide detectives follow the clues from an apparent suicide, to an apparent accident, to an all-out murder as an intricate machination starts breaking down. Just how far can despair push a man? How clear is the line between good and evil? This is the second in the prize-winning Paris Homicide series.

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After the huge success The 7th Woman met in France, Frédérique Molay left her career in politics to dedicate her life to writing and raising her three children. She now has five books to her name, including three in the Paris Homicide series. This is the first one of the series.

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Anne Trager has lived in France for over twenty-six years, working in translation, publishing, and communications.

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Crossing the Line

by Frédérique Molay; translated by Anne Trager —published by Le French Book — ISBN: 9781939474148 (trade paperback)/ 9781939474155 (e-book)/ 9781939474162 (hardback)— First published in French (Dent pour dent, Librairie Arthème Fayard, Paris) — Print release: September 23, 2014

The 7th Woman: 2700x1800

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Frédérique Molay standing
Frédérique Molay with Mary Higgins Clark