Anne-Laure Thiéblemont

Anne-Laure Thièblemont

Born in Algeria in 1963, Anne-Laure Thiéblemont grew up in Madagascar, Lyon, Paris, and Bogota. This childhood spent on the move left her with a taste for travel. That and her studies in art history were the two influences would shape her career. She worked as a freelance reporter for major French newspapers and magazines, specialising in art and gem trafficking. Afterwards, she spent thirteen years as a magazine editor-in-chief, and then founded her own design and applied arts magazine. Writing was her passion, her own secret garden. The Collector was her first mystery, and was inspired from her investigative reporting into art trafficking and meetings she had with famous art collectors. It’s a detective story in which the heroine’s personal story is woven into a hunt through the very secret world of Paris art galleries and auction houses. When Anne-Laure was not writing, she was out searching for gems and designing jewelry that she had made in Istanbul. Her home was Marseilles. She passed away suddenly in 2015.


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