About us

What we believe

• Entertainment is key.
• A book is a book is a book, whatever the format. It's the story that counts.
Readers want to read, so they should have easy access to our books.
Publishing is changing and all ways of getting books to readers are worth exploring.
• Reaching out and engaging with readers is where it’s at.

The company’s founder—American translator and editor Anne Trager—loves France so much she has lived there for over a quarter of a century, and just can’t seem to leave. It’s not the baguettes that keep her there (she’s sans gluten), but a uniquely French mix of pleasure seeking and creativity. Well, that and the wine. After over a quarter of a century of experience in the translation business and nearly as much in publishing, she decided it was time for her to focus on the books she loves to read and bring them to a broader audience.

Her contribution to the editorial success of the series is very significant. The result is invariably better books.
— A. Amsel, managing editor, Traveler’s Companion
Thank you, Anne, for your translation, which was so shrewd and accurate. It was a real pleasure to read our work in English, as two English speakers and lover of the language. We were impressed with the quality and the speed at which you work.
— Freddy Woets and Fabienne Pacory, French authors

Fabrice Neuman, co-founder and CTO, is one of France’s foremost proponents of e-books and was one of the first French journalists to write about them in the mid-1990s. He brings his inside knowledge of the e-book revolution to the company, along with his experience in journalism and publishing. For him, any digital display is good for reading. He even read a whole book on an old black-and-white Palm device. Sure, “it was not the best experience ever,” but still, don’t mention the so-called paper vs. digital war to him: both are complementary and serve a different audience. “Our goal is to expand the book’s reach, not to choose between digital or paper.”

For 15 years, Fabrice has been sharing his passion for e-books with generosity and talent. Throughout his career as a tech journalist, he has held a privileged position of observing their evolution, testing them rigorously and promoting them with enthusiasm. His singular experience and multiple skills are a real asset to this original publishing venture that is Le French Book.
— Yann Garret, founder of PresseLivre, www.presselivre.fr

Our translation editor, Amy Richards, loves a good story, whether it’s reading it, telling it or helping someone else write it. She has spent the better part of her career as a writer and editor at both small-town and major metropolitan newspapers. Her award-winning work has ranged from capturing the economic decline of Rust-Belt communities on Lake Erie to distilling the essence of food stories in well-turned headlines. Her entrée to manuscript editing was a chance encounter in a thrift store. She overheard a first-time author talking about his novel. “Do you need an editor?” she asked. “Why yes, I do,” he answered. Since helping him polish his first two novels, she has edited more than two dozen English-first and translated works for independent authors and Le French Book. 

Other times, I open that indie book and discover a well written, well developed, well edited novel worthy of my time and attention. Happily, ‘A Roman Peace in Briton’ is one of these.
— D. Burgess of Let’s Book It, about a Joe Tackett historical novel edited by Amy

Graphic designer Jeroen ten Berge

After completing Graphic and Typographic Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, our book cover designer Jeroen ten Berge founded his own design company in 1992 in the Netherlands, which he ran successfully until 2003 when he decided to move to New Zealand. His focus is now on creating great design for people who are as passionate about what they do as he is about design. He prefers to work with people that understand the value and importance of design, how it can help change their product or company, and help the world to become a better and better designed place. And at least as important for him, both on a personal and professional level, is learning while having fun. Designing (e)book covers has become Jeroen's focus since 2008. Find out more here: www.jeroentenberge.com.