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Author, screenwriter and actress Sylvie Granotier loves to weave plots that send shivers up your spine. She was born in Algeria and grew up in Paris and Morocco. She studied literature and theater in Paris, then set off traveling —the United States, Brazil, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, ending with a tour of Europe.  She wound up in Paris again, an actress, with a job and some recognition. But she is a writer at heart, and started her publishing career translating Grace Paley’s short story collection Enormous Changes at the Last Minute into French. Fourteen novels and many short stories later, Sylvie Granotier is a major crime fiction author in France. She has met with continued success, and is translated into German, Italian, Russian and Greek. The Paris Lawyer is her first novel to be translated into English. This legal procedural that doubles as a psychological thriller is full of plot twists that bring us into the heart of French countryside, La Creuse, a place full of nineteenth-century landscapes and dark secrets. Sylvie splits her time between Paris and the Creuse.


Prix du Sang d’Encre 2011 for the French version of The Paris Lawyer.

Who is she?

Read A writing life: meet Sylvie Granotier to find out more about her life and her writing. You can also see some pictures of the French region where she feels most at home, the Creuse, in the post Snapshots of France: Deep France. Here are some other blog posts and articles by or about Sylvie:

In the Media

Sylvie Granotier talks with Patricia MacDonald on French radio. In February 2011, both of these masters in crime fiction met to discuss their books on France Culture. Sylvie is also an actress. Find out more about the movies and shows she has been in here.



“Sylvie Granotier keeps her readers gasping for air, and when you enter her world, you wind up not wanting to leave.”


“Sylvie Granotier skillfully leads her readers from red herring to lies, building suspense with impressive meticulousness.”

– Le Monde des Livres

 “It’s a pleasure to meet a best-selling French crime fiction author who quotes Chandler over tea.”

– Figaro

“She’s an author who positions small treasures in the form of details, adding a character here, refining a setting there.”


“Sylvie Granotier has a real talent creating characters who are as likable as they are interesting.”

– Chronique de la rentrée littéraire

“Granotier’s strength is portraying the minds of her main characters.”

– Ms. Wordopolis blog

Books in English

The Paris Lawyer

by Sylvie Granotier; translated by Anne Trager—e-book, trade paperback, hardback—published by Le French Book—ISBN: 978-0-9853206-1-4 (epub)/978-0-985320-64-5 (Kindle)/ 978-1-939474-01-8 (trade paperback)/ 978-1-939474-68-1 (hardback)—First published in French (La Rigole du Diable, Editions Albin Michel, Paris)—Trade paperback release: May 15, 2014

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The portraits of Sylvie on this site are by Nathalie Eno.