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Frédérique Molay, author of The 7th Woman

Writing has always been a passion for Frédérique Molay, author of the international bestseller The 7th Woman. She graduated from France’s prestigious Science Po and began her career in politics and the French administration. She worked as Chief of Staff for the Deputy Mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, and then was elected to the local government in Saône-et-Loire. Meanwhile, she spent her nights pursing a passion for writing she had nourished since she wrote her first novel at the age of eleven. After The 7th Woman took France by storm, Frédérique Molay dedicated her life to writing and raising her three children. She has five books to her name, with three in the Chief Inspector Nico Sirsky series.

Who is she?

Learn why Frédérique Molay writes crime fiction and where her inspiration comes from in this post: Meet bestselling author Frédérique Molay. Here are some other blog posts by or about Frédérique Molay:

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Frédérique Molay’s new book Déjeuner sous l’herbe, the third in the Nico Sirsky series, was released in May 2012 in France. The fourth is with the publisher.


“Frédérique Molay is the French Michael Connelly.”

Jean Miot, journalist,  former editorial director for the French daily Le Figaro and former president of Agence France Press

“One of a new generation of women crime fiction writers who bring us the thrills and reading pleasure.” 

– Lire

“Frédérique Molay is experienced in the art of plotting and sending a cold chill through your veins with a merciless technique that feeds the feeling of suspense.” 

– Grand Chalon

  “She is determined, full of energy and eager to communicate her love of writing.” 

– Ecrire

Books in English

The 7th Woman

by Frédérique Molay; translated by Anne Trager —e-book $7.95; trade paperback $16.95—published by Le French Book — ISBN: 978-0-9853206-6-9 (Kindle)/ 978-0-9853206-7-6 (epub)/ 978-1-939474-03-2 (trade paperback)— First published in French (La 7e Femme, Librairie Arthème Fayard, Paris) — Direct-to-digital translation available; trade paperback release: June 10, 2014


Crossing the Line

by Frédérique Molay; translated by Anne Trager —published by Le French Book — ISBN: 9781939474148 (trade paperback)/ 9781939474155 (e-book)/ 9781939474162 (hardback)— First published in French (Dent pour dent, Librairie Arthème Fayard, Paris) — Print release: September 28, 2014