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Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen, authors of Treachery in Bordeaux, the first in the Winemaker Detective Series

Bernard Besson, the author of Greenland: The Thrilleris an expert in economic intelligence, former senior chief of staff for the French intelligence services, and a prizewinning thriller writer.

 Sylvie Granotier, author of The Paris Lawyerand one of France’s master crime fiction writers.

David Khara, bestselling author of The Bleiberg Project, a fast-paced spy novel that was an instant success in France.

Frédérique Molay, prize-winning author of the international bestselling suspense novel The 7th Woman, which won the prestigious Prix du Quai des Orfèvres prize.

 The Serial Shorts Gang–Harold Cobert, Irène Frain, Christine Orban, Daniel Picouly, Yann Queffélec, Tatiana de Rosnay, Didier Van Cauwelaert. Seven of France’s top authors, who wrote 52 Serial Shorts, a zany collection of short stories.

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