Mangas, melting ice caps and industrial espionage

We are thrilled to have world-acclaimed translator Julie Rose on board, translating Greenland: The Thriller, by Bernard Besson. She has had a long and illustrious career translating French classics (over 30 books and plays to date). This is her first thriller, unless you count Les Misérables, which Rose considers one of the first great detective novels of our time. Here’s what she says about Greenland.

“I’m a thriller addict. But they have to be really well written. This is one I couldn’t put down. It’s stylish and fast-paced, with beautifully orchestrated action– like a sophisticated manga– and it’s written by a man who knows exactly what he’s doing. Bernard Besson worked at the top in French intelligence and with the police; he knows the milieu, he’s very convincing. And his tale of environmental catastrophe feels truly timely. The images of the collapse of Greenland as the icecap melts are stunning and stay with you, every bit as much as the finely-tuned intrigue of industrial espionage. They’re up there, wreaking havoc!”