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Spooks, Spying, and Paperback Books

As we countdown to the print release of The Greenland Breach, here is a short Q&A with the author, Bernard Besson. He has had a long career in French intelligence and law enforcement. He is a former chief of staff of the French FBI, was involved in dismantling Soviet spy rings in France and Western Europe at the fall of the Soviet Union, and is one of the France’s top specialists… Related posts: Top Spook’s Guide to Business Intelligence and State Espionage Bernard Besson on Global Warming
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Top Spook’s Guide to Business Intelligence and State Espionage

on April 10, 2014
in Thrillers
If you’ve been waiting for The Greenland Breach to come out in paper, be sure to order it now, as it hits bookstores on April 30. We’ll be running some blog posts by Bernard Besson in the next few weeks.   Here are some excerpts from a post he did for Thriller Central on business intelligence and state espionage. In The Greenland Breach, Besson explores what connects these two worlds…. Related posts: Spooks, Spying, and Paperback Books Espionage: Fact and Fiction in Spy Novels
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Second Consortium Thriller Translation Under Way

on March 31, 2014
We have another non-stop action thriller translation in the works with a new translator, Sophie Weiner, who is busy translating the second Consortium thriller by David Khara. In The Shiro Project the modern world could face a heavy price from the madness of World War II. The Shiro Project is a follow-up to The Bleiberg Project, which sold over 130,000 copies. Sophie Weiner earned degrees in French from Bucknell University and New York University, and then went… Related posts: More Consortium Thrillers in the Works Gearing up for international conspiracy thriller release
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