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Inspiration for Books: Moissac

on July 29, 2014
in France
A lot of places in France have served as inspiration for books. I just made a fun trip to Moissac. Where? You may be asking yourself. It’s a small town in southwestern France, notable for, among other things, its Saint Pierre abbey and cloister, a World Heritage site. More people know about it than think they do, because the tympanum of the church’s southwestern portal was described in detail in the novel The Name of the Rose. Eco puts them in… Related posts: Snapshots of France: the neighborhood Blockbuster author talks about inspiration
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Translator’s View of The Shiro Project

on July 22, 2014
in Thrillers
We asked Sophie Weiner for her translator’s view of next Consortium Thriller: The Shiro Project by David Khara, another action-packed adventure about how history is still with us today. Keep your eyes peeled for more about it soon.       What made you excited about this assignment? After reading the first book in the series, The Bleiberg Project (translated by Simon John), to discover the plot and get a sense of the series’ style and… Related posts: A writer’s view: dynamic thriller trio from new novel July Escape Reading: Mad Scientists and Secret Agents
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July Escape Reading: Mad Scientists and Secret Agents

We’re releasing another block-buster French thriller in paperback this week: The Bleiberg Project hits bookstores on July 15. It’s perfect July escape reading, packed with action. That’s right, World War II action, mad scientists and secret agents, what more could you want from a thriller? It’s also the first book in the Consortium thriller series, which offers a roller-coaster ride that dips into history and races through a modern-day loop-to-loop… Related posts: Action Thriller Ebook Gets Publishers Weekly Review Could secret human experiments be carried out worldwide?
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